The Secrets to Timeless Beauty

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The market often gives birth to a plethora of new beauty trends. But there is one beauty secret we want to stay around all time. It is the “Yoga Skin”- naturally blushed, super dewy and healthy, that you get after a yoga class.   

Healthy, glowing skin is a two-way process. A flawless skin originates from the outside-in and the inside-out. If you are stressed, your skin looks dull and tired. If you are relaxed, your skin looks youthful and radiant. This is because your skin is highly impacted by diet, exercise, lifestyle and stress just as much as it is affected by the range of skin care products you use on your face. Yoga is a gift to your healthy skin and, if you practice regularly, you would probably notice the effects of exercise on your skin. It is like- “No Yoga, No Life-Know Yoga, Know Life”.

Yoga Increases Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is important for overall health and wellness. It stimulates the skin and gives skin that radiant complexion. Yoga helps increase blood flow, including to the skin and face. Strong blood flow provides essential oxygen and nutrients to skin and maintain flexibility, elasticity and youthfulness.



Deep Breathing for More Oxygen

Deep breathing is the base of yoga. It helps maintain the posture while connecting the mind and body. Oxygenated skin appears plump and healthy and slow down the ageing process over time. Take a deep breath from the belly when doing and this will pull in more oxygen while enhancing your workout.



Facial Yoga Tones your Face

There is a separate segment called ‘face yoga’ that is done for your face. This helps tighten facial muscles for a toned and wrinkle free look. It also helps skin maintain youthfulness by doing yoga moves and techniques.

Whether you have experienced the signs of ageing or have a loss of volume in the face tissue, dull skin tone or bloating or fat pockets in certain areas, it’s time you should start with Face Yoga to get a natural non-surgical face lift. Experts believe that doing a bit of face yoga each day will strengthen and tone the muscles under your skin. Moreover, the regular yoga moves and techniques will improve your skin tone and increase circulation and a natural detox. Try seeking guidance from a yoga expert to practice in the right manner. Along with this, you can pick the best natural and organic products for your skin to give the goodness of both worlds. Other factors including a healthy diet, plenty of water and fluids, proper sleep, hydration and environment all work behind a healthy, glowing skin.  



Is it Worth It?

Definitely, it is! Facial yoga is a holistic approach that has its roots from the ancient time. For flawless beauty, stick to yoga and get non-invasive and cost-effective glowing skin. Also, it is safe and can be practiced by people of any age, regardless of their skin. For centuries, yoga has been practiced for inner well being, so why not for skin?

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