Body Washes & Liquid Soaps

If there is one thing that will never go out of style anytime soon, is ‘self-love’; and what better way to show yourself some love than indulging in a nice pampering bath? When you treasure your body, you really care what product you use to clean it. Seriously, nothing is better than the ingredients that come directly from the Nature. Even better, if you lather up your body with a body wash or liquid soap, you get the spa-like vibes that regular soaps couldn’t give. With Eczemaland finest collection of body washes and liquid soaps you can take your morning shower to the next level and make bath time a refreshing experience.

Natural, cruelty-free and specially formulated, our range of products are made using the finest natural ingredients, to soothe your skin. Our all-natural and organic skincare products are skin-care friendly that work in harmony with your skin making them a preferred choice for all skin types and ages.

What are the Strict No-Nos when Picking a Body Wash and Liquid Soap?

It is sad but true- ingredients in conventional body washes might not be doing you any favours. People tend to choose a body wash when they want something luxurious and more moisturising than bar soap. But this craving may end up giving you more irritated and drier skin, especially in the winter. This is because the ingredients that are present in any conventional body wash. Some of these are- petroleum, surfactants, parabens, artificial fragrances and colours.

However, all these things shouldn’t be upsetting- when you are informed, you can make your best pick. Getting a good bathing product doesn’t have to be complicated, which is why we have brought you exclusive collection of body washes and liquid soaps. Our products are made of skin-loving ingredients like organic aloe, Shea butter, organic Chamomile, Tea Tree oil and organic essential oils. We are committed to clean, not synthetic ingredients.

Your Best Buy

To identify the best body wash that suits your skin type, make sure you go through its ingredients. If your skin is very delicate or sensitive, avoid products with artificial colours and strong fragrances.If you are using cleansing soaps, opt for soaps enriched with high fatty acids. They form a protective layer on your skin.

We have in our arsenal intimate wash that is one of the most sought after products than other intimate washes in the market. There are also several brands of body washes, cleansing soaps, and shower gels that are completely nature friendly. They contain ingredients rich in vitamin C, aloe vera gel, hyaluronic acid, and other collagen stimulating ingredients that are safe and skin-friendly.

Organic, chemical-free handmade soaps are also available at Eczemaland. Formulated with natural ingredients like Organic Scottish Chamomile and Lavender, these soaps can be gentle on your skin and protect your skin’s delicate layer. They also don’t dry out your skin.

We take our cleansing routine seriously, and that involves the products we lather on our body. Each of these products, be it body washes & liquid soaps, bar soaps or shower gels, have their own pros and cons. To narrow down your search, know the in and out of them. We’ve done the outlining, so you can pick the best organic body wash or cleansing soap, and enjoy bathing with a conscience.