Moisturisers Lotions

Moisturisers Lotions for Dry Skin

Call it the mother of all skincare lotions and creams- moisturisers have been a mainstay in our beauty regimen list for decades. And while an array of serums, face oils and mists have followed in its wake- when you find the best moisturisers Lotion for dry skin, it truly competes every other product in your arsenal. 

The right moisturiser lotion should be like a skin cocooning- a soft layer during the colder months and a lightweight cover-up for summer. It should protect, comfort and fit just right. Most importantly, the natural products keep skin healthy, plump and hydrated. That organic potion you use can offer balanced, glowing skin overnight, provided you choose the right one. At Eczemaland you’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to find the right moisturiser for dry skin. Our moisturisers lotion keep dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, dark spots, acne, and blemishes at bay. All our products are made from natural origin ingredients, and live up to that claim, being easily absorbed by the skin, but leaving it feeling smooth and hydrated.

Moisturiser- Cream, Lotion, or Ointment?

Picking a right moisturiser lotion is a must, no matter whether you have oily, dry or a combination skin type.

If you have itchy or dry skin, you will probably want to lock in moisturise putting a thick ointment. Lotions are thinner and are good for normal skin. Lotions are lightest, basically water based, and are a good pick for oily skin.

Based on your skin type, choose a light moisturiser for day and a heavier one for night-time. You can use moisturising body butter for whole body and a lightweight moisturising lotion for your face. For sensitive skin, choose organic aloe vera skin gel for soothing effect in the summer months.

For skin that is troubled and needs a helping hand, Eczemaland’s organic skincare range and moisturisers give life to the skin and help it heal post-inflammation. Our products can take down redness from skin and it is delightfully rich and embalming on the skin. It’s free from fragrance and preservatives, and full of all the good stuff. You can surely give it a try if your skin needs moisturiser from a brand that you can trust.

Best-Selling Moisturisers

Eczemaland moisturisers lotions are the bestselling and highly-rated moisturisers we have to offer! With natural and organic ingredients, your skin will feel nourished from the inside out, glowing with radiance, while hydrating and rejuvenating without the harmful effect of the cream. It helps to provide complete skincare solution with light-reflecting pigments to even and illuminate your skin’s complexion.

How to Apply? 

Find the right moisturiser lotion based on your skin type. Apply moisturiser with clean fingers massaging the product evenly into the skin, blending outwards and up. On the neck, apply moisturiser massaging upwards, against gravity. Then proceed with your usual makeup routine.

Shop Our Wide Selection of Moisturisers Online 

You can now shop your favourite moisturiser online from Eczemaland. With a wide variety of skincare range, shop skin care treatments in the comfort of your home. You can always rely on our products to deliver cutting-edge skincare technology in the most compact and luxurious of ways. We generally use natural ingredients to improve skin cells' ability to breathe, optimising the benefits of each nourishing ingredient.

You would love to know that our moisturisers lotion are appreciated by beauty influencers for their ability to drench skin in rich and plumping hydration, instantly relieving dryness and itchiness. It is a total solution to dry and flaky skin.

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