Try our range of ointments that contain the most oil and are the most effective at keeping moisture in the skin.

How to use ointments

Use your ointment all the time, even if you're not experiencing symptoms.

Many people find it helpful to keep separate supplies of ointment at work or school, or a tub in the bathroom and one in a living area.

To apply the ointment:

  • Use a large amount
  • Do not rub it in – smooth it into the skin in the same direction the hair grows
  • After a bath or shower, gently pat the skin dry and apply the ointment while the skin is still moist to keep the moisture in
You should use an ointment at least twice a day if you can, or more often if you have very dry skin.

During a flare-up, apply generous amounts of ointment more frequently, but remember to contact your GP if your skin is sore and inflamed.