Scalp Care

A happy head of hair starts right at the root. You do so much for your skin- serum, essence, moisturiser, sunscreen, but what about your scalp? Just regular hair wash thrice a week? The hair also needs lots of attention for that crowning glory that you love to flaunt. You need to pick the right product- from frizz control serums to natural hair oils and shampoo- your strands must get the gift of Nature they deserve. But is a happy head of hair can be happy with an unhealthy scalp? Well, no. With the obsession to get picture perfect hair, we do a lot of damage to our scalps without even realising it. And the maximum sun exposure and pollution to the mix you have hell of an unhappy scalp.

Scalp Care Products from Eczemaland

Time for change with Eczemaland’s scalp care products for healthy scalp. We have an assortment of natural and organic scalp care products that are specially targeted for scalp health. Scalp care includes shampooing, moisturising and gentle scalp massage with natural hair oil. One must keep the scalp clean by regular cleansing with natural shampoo and hydrated by using a scalp-compatible mask. In case of scalp concerns, a treatment is vital.

Hair Oil for Healthy Scalp

Oils have been known for the number of benefits since the dawn of time. We have natural Aloe Vera Oil, natural coconut oil and natural Shea Butter oil for hair, scalp and body. These oils have high market demand for their usefulness and excellent therapeutic benefits.The oil gets absorbed by the hair, leaving the hair soft, nourished, shiny and manageable. Some people prefer to leave oil overnight, and there is no harm in it. However exposure to the external environment with oily scalp in the day time will attract dust and pollutants and is definitely a Big NO NO for the scalp.

Stressed with Dandruff?

Dandruff is one of the common scalp concerns among men and women. These are nothing but the scalp cells, triggered by fungi or bacteria. The treatment includes specific treatments. You can try our special hair care products at home and get relief from this problem. Our products not only help in deep cleansing of the scalp but also maintain a good health of your scalp.

Use Gentle Hair Products

At Eczemaland we focus on natural products and all our scalp care products are tried and tested for your healthy scalp. Discard products that contain sulfates, alcohols, or fragrances. And since your scalp is already sensitive, using products that contains chemicals, alcohol and fragrances take the moisture out of your hair. This will have your hair feeling dry, frizzy and damaged. Also avoid regular hair treatments such as dye and bleach. These may cause damage to the scalp skin.

Try natural products for your mane and let your scalp stay clean. We’ve got the best products for oily hair, curly hair, solutions for dry or damaged hair, and incredible products for natural hair.Indeed, there is something for everyone. For any query related to product or shipping, please feel free to connect.